Forma Pro Axis Cricket Arm Guard

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Forma Pro Axis Cricket Arm Guard delivers lightweight dual-density protection for superior impact absorption. The molded shape ensures a perfect fit, offering enhanced comfort and protection for the forearm. Crafted from premium super high-density safety material, this arm guard is pre-molded for a comfortable fit. The soft, itch-free back and premium-quality elastic strap make it easy to wear, providing top-notch protection with every swing.

  • Advanced Protection: Lightweight dual-density material for superior impact absorption
  • Perfect Fit: Molded shape for enhanced fitment and protection
  • Comfort First: Pre-molded for comfort fitting with a soft, itch-free back
  • Forearm Defense: Easy-to-wear design ensures protection for the forearm
  • Premium Material: Crafted from the best quality super high-density safety material
  • Secure Fit: Premium quality elastic strap for a secure and comfortable fit.