Kookaburra Aura 6.1 Cricket Batting Gloves



The Kookaburra Aura 6.1 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to provide entry-level protection for cricket players. Here are the features of these gloves:

Grade 6 Quality: The gloves are made with Grade 6 quality materials, ensuring reliable performance and protection.

Palm: The palm of the gloves is made of cotton with a PVC strip between the thumb and forefinger. This combination provides a comfortable grip on the bat while maintaining durability.

Back: The back of the gloves features premium mesh material, offering breathability and ventilation to keep your hands cool during play.

Finger Protection: The gloves are equipped with square MDF rolls with rounded high-technology protection chambers for the fingers. This provides impact resistance and protection to the fingers.

Thumb Protection: The gloves have a two-piece rounded MDF construction for thumb protection, ensuring safety and flexibility.

Lining: The gloves feature a cotton lining for comfort and moisture absorption.

Gusset: The gloves have an airflow mesh gusset that enhances ventilation and airflow, reducing sweat and discomfort.

Wrist: The gloves come with a 50mm single-sided towel wristband that provides comfort and absorption. It features a 'Standard Pull' hook and loop fastening for secure and adjustable fitting.

The Kookaburra Aura 6.1 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed for entry-level players seeking reliable protection and comfort during their cricket matches.