Kookaburra Cricket Scorebook - 100 Innings



The Kookaburra Cricket Scorebook - 100 Innings is a valuable tool for cricket scorers, coaches, and enthusiasts. With its sturdy construction and comprehensive format, it enables accurate and systematic recording of cricket match scores and statistics.

  • 100 Innings: The scorebook is specifically designed to accommodate up to 100 innings of cricket matches. It provides ample space to record scores, runs, wickets, and other important information for each inning.

  • Fully Folding Hard Cover: The scorebook comes with a fully folding hard cover, which provides durability and protection for the pages inside. The folding feature allows for easy handling and convenient storage.

  • Comprehensive Scoring Format: The scorebook provides a well-structured format for recording scores, overs, dismissals, and other key details of each inning. It allows scorers to keep track of the progress of the match accurately.

  • Essential Match Details: In addition to recording scores, the scorebook includes sections for capturing essential match details such as team names, venues, dates, toss results, and umpire names. This ensures that all relevant information is documented for future reference.

  • User-Friendly Layout: The scorebook is designed with a user-friendly layout, making it easy for scorers to fill in the required information. The pages are well-organized, with clear headings and columns for efficient scorekeeping.

The Kookaburra Cricket Scorebook is a comprehensive scoring tool designed to keep track of cricket matches.