Li-Ning A2 Badminton Shuttlecock

€19,50 €24,38

Li-Ning A2 Badminton Shuttlecock is crafted for professional players who demand excellence in their training sessions. With a focus on quality and performance, this shuttlecock is designed to provide a superior training experience.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Duck Feathers: The shuttlecock features superior quality duck feathers, ensuring a consistent and reliable flight path. This choice of material adds to the durability, making it suitable for rigorous training sessions.

  2. Hybrid Cork Base: The composite cork base is strategically designed for optimal weight distribution. This not only contributes to the stability of the shuttlecock but also enhances the overall training experience, allowing players to hone their skills effectively.

Performance Ratings:

  • Durability: 7/10
  • Flight: 8/10
  • Hitting Sound: 8/10
  • Net Play: 8/10

Color: White

The Li-Ning A2 Shuttlecock is more than just a training tool; it's a commitment to quality and precision. Whether you are practicing your smashes, perfecting your net play, or focusing on overall game improvement, this shuttlecock is your reliable companion. Elevate your training sessions with the Li-Ning A2 and experience badminton at its best.