Li-Ning AP-7 Badminton String durable power 0.70mm

€5,20 €6,50


Li-Ning AP-7 Badminton String is crafted with precision, combining prime braided multifilament for enhanced durability and power. With a thickness of 0.70mm, it promises a robust build, ensuring it stands up to the demands of intense gameplay. The string features an anti-abrasive coating, not only extending its lifespan but also providing unparalleled control on the court.

Key Specifications:

  • Player Level: Beginner
  • Control: 6/10
  • Durability: 5/10
  • Hitting Sound: 5/10
  • Repulsion Power: 5/10
  • Shock Absorption: 5/10
  • Core Material: High Tenacity Fiber
  • Outer Material: Special Braided Micro Fiber


  1. Durable Build: The 0.70mm thickness ensures a sturdy construction, catering to the needs of players at the beginner level.
  2. Enhanced Control: The anti-abrasive coating not only extends the string's life but also provides exceptional control during gameplay.
  3. Balanced Performance: With moderate ratings in control, durability, hitting sound, repulsion power, and shock absorption, the AP-7 offers a balanced performance suitable for beginners.

Note: The color of the Strig may vary according to the availability.