SG Litevate Cricket Batting Pads

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SG Litevate Cricket Batting Pads are meticulously crafted to provide excellent protection and comfort for cricketers during their matches. Here are the key features of these batting pads:

  • Premium Quality PVC Facing: The pads are made from high-quality PVC facing, ensuring durability and robust protection during gameplay.
  • Low-Density Foam Sheet Reinforcement: The vertical bolster is reinforced with low-density foam sheets, offering additional protection and support to the legs.
  • Layered Dual Density Foam Padding: These pads are designed with layered dual-density foam padding, providing optimal protection against impact while maintaining flexibility for ease of movement.
  • Wear-Resistant Instep: The wear-resistant PVC instep is equipped with hard-wearing piping, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection against wear and tear.
  • Additional Top Hat Protection: The added protection on the top hat further enhances the overall safety and durability of the pads.
  • Size Options: These batting pads are available in sizes suitable for Adult, Youth, and Junior players, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for cricketers of all ages.

The SG Litevate Cricket Batting Pads are an ideal choice for cricketers looking for reliable and comfortable leg protection during their matches.