MRF Genius Grand Limited Edition EW Cricket Bat

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MRF Genius Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is a masterpiece carefully crafted from premium quality English Willow, offering cricketers a perfect balance and exceptional stroke play. Here's why this bat stands out:

Key Features:

  1. Premium English Willow: Carefully selected Grade 1 Performance English Willow ensures top-notch quality and performance.

  2. Optimal Balance: The bat is designed for optimum balance, allowing players to have better control over their shots.

  3. Exceptional Stroke Play: With a mid-middle profile, this bat is versatile and suitable for all types of players and playing conditions, delivering exceptional stroke play.

  4. Specially Designed Bat Cover: Comes with a bat cover that is specially designed to protect and preserve the bat's quality.

  5. Traditional Shape and Design: The bat follows a traditional shape and design for comfort and a light pick-up, providing players with a classic cricketing experience.

  6. Premium Handle: The handle is crafted from premium, imported Sarawak cane, offering durability and shock absorption.

  7. Face Profile: The mid-middle face profile with a duckbill shape near the toe allows for a powerful yet controlled performance.

  8. Grains and Edge Thickness: The bat features 7+ grains on the face, and the edge thickness ranges from approximately 37mm to 39mm, with a substantial 62mm spine.

  9. Spine Height and Scallop: The spine height ranges from approximately 62mm to 67mm, and the scallop is about 1mm to 2mm, contributing to the bat's performance.

  10. Bow and Toe: The bat has an 11mm to 12mm bow for enhanced power and a square-shaped toe for stability.

  11. Handle Construction: The round 12-piece treble spring cane handle with Sarawak ensures shock absorption, providing a comfortable grip.

  12. Weight Options: Available in weights ranging from 2lb 8oz to 2lb 10½oz, allowing players to choose a weight that suits their playing style.

The MRF Genius Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is not just a bat; it's a symbol of excellence on the cricket field. Elevate your game with this premium-quality cricket bat that combines tradition with cutting-edge craftsmanship.