Multiple Repairs - Handle Replacement + Crack Repair ( Shoulder Or Toe )



Our comprehensive cricket bat repair service: Multiple Repairs. This service is designed to address multiple issues that your cricket bat may encounter, ensuring that it's back in optimal condition for peak performance on the field.


  • Handle Replacement: We understand the importance of a solid grip and a comfortable feel while holding the bat. Our handle replacement service ensures that your bat's handle is replaced with precision, providing you with a renewed grip for improved control and confidence.
  • Crack Repair (Shoulder or Toe): Cricket bats are subjected to immense pressure and impacts, which can sometimes result in cracks on the bottom or shoulder. Our expert technicians are skilled in repairing these cracks, restoring the bat's structural integrity, and ensuring that it's ready to face the challenges of the game once again.
  • Comprehensive Solution: The Multiple Repairs service is a comprehensive solution that addresses both handle replacement and crack repair. Whether your bat needs one or both of these repairs, we have you covered with a single, convenient service.

    Experience the benefits of a bat that feels like new with our Multiple Repairs service. Our skilled craftsmen bring their expertise to each repair, ensuring that your bat receives the care and attention it deserves. Get ready to step onto the field with renewed confidence, knowing that your cricket bat is in top-notch condition to help you perform at your best.