SG League™ Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves



SG League™ Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves are designed to provide enhanced grip and protection for wicket keepers during intense cricket matches. Here are the key features of these inner gloves:

  • Durable Material: These gloves are crafted from high-quality, absorbent cotton fabric, ensuring durability and long-lasting use even during extended play.
  • Enhanced Grip: The sponge-padded palm is designed to provide an improved grip, allowing for better control and handling of the ball during wicket keeping.
  • Comfortable Fit: The wide cotton cuff is designed to offer a perfect fit, ensuring that the gloves stay securely in place while providing comfort and support for the wrists.
  • Size Variants: These inner gloves are available in sizes suitable for both adults and youth, making them accessible to a wide range of cricketers.

The SG League™ Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves are a reliable accessory for wicket keepers seeking improved grip and comfort during matches.