SH Players Edition Pittard Adult Cricket Batting Gloves

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SH Players Edition Pittard Adult Cricket Batting Gloves appear to be high-quality cricket batting gloves with several features designed for comfort and protection. Here's a breakdown of their key features:

  • Super Soft Sheep Leather Palm: The gloves feature a super soft sheep leather palm. This material is known for its snug fit and comfort, providing a good grip on the bat handle.

  • Lightweight Korean PU Covering: The pre-shaped plastozote/cotton fingers are covered with lightweight Korean PU material. This offers protection to the fingers while keeping the gloves lightweight.

  • Pre-bent Fibre in Two Front Fingers: The gloves have pre-bent fiber inserts in two of the front fingers. This design helps with flexibility and protection in those critical areas.

  • Thumb Protection: There is a 2-piece thumb protection feature, which is crucial for safeguarding the thumb from fast deliveries.

  • Fiber Inserts on Top of Every Finger: Fiber inserts are present on top of every finger for extra protection. This is especially important when facing fast bowlers.

  • Mesh Gusset: A mesh gusset is included for air ventilation. This helps in keeping the hands cool and comfortable during extended periods of play.

  • Reinforced Padded Palm Panel: The palm area is reinforced with padded panels for added protection and durability.

  • Soft Back on the Inside of the Back Hand: The inside of the backhand features a soft back, enhancing flexibility and comfort.

  • Double-Sided Sweatband: A double-sided sweatband is included to help manage perspiration during play.

  • Embossed Wrist Tab with Velcro: The wrist closure features an embossed wrist tab fitted with a 50mm wide Velcro strap. This allows for a secure and adjustable fit around the wrist.

  • Inside Lining of Towel: Towel lining on the inside adds to the comfort and moisture-wicking properties of the gloves.

These gloves seem to offer a combination of comfort, protection, and breathability, which are essential for a batsman's performance. They are designed to cater to the needs of adult cricketers and provide the necessary features to face various bowlers and playing conditions. As with any cricket gear, it's crucial for players to choose gloves that fit well and suit their playing style.