SH Club Cricket Batting Gloves

€28,54 €31,71

Experience superior comfort and protection at the crease with the Sports Hub Club Cricket Batting Gloves. Crafted with precision and designed for players of all levels, these gloves offer a perfect blend of quality materials and thoughtful features.

Key Features:

  • Size Options:

    • Adult
    • Junior
    • Youth

  • High-Quality Leather Palm:

    • Provides a firm grip and durability for consistent performance.
  • High-Density PVC Foam Finger:

    • Offers excellent impact resistance to protect fingers during play.
  • First Tow Finger Plastics Sheet:

    • Reinforces the first two fingers, enhancing protection against fast deliveries.
  • Soft Back on the Inside of the Back Hand:

    • Promotes flexibility and comfort, allowing for a natural grip and movement.
  • Two Pieces Thumb and Wrist Tab with 50 mm Velcro:

    • Ensures a secure fit and easy adjustment for individual comfort.
  • Nylon Gusset for Ventilation:

    • Improves airflow, keeping hands cool and comfortable during extended gameplay.

  • Double Side Sweat Band:

    • Effectively absorbs sweat, preventing it from affecting your grip.

Sizes Available:

  • Adult
  • Junior
  • Youth


  • Versatile Sizing: Choose the perfect size for your age and hand measurements.

  • Premium Materials: High-quality leather, PVC foam, and plastics for enhanced durability.

  • Comfortable Fit: Soft back and adjustable Velcro tabs provide flexibility and a snug fit.

  • Ventilation: Nylon gusset promotes air circulation for added comfort.

  • Secure Fastening: Velcro tabs on thumb and wrist ensure a secure and customizable fit.