Katchet Ballsack for Circket and Hockey Balls Storage

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The KATCHET BallSak is a specially designed accessory that is intended to be used with the KoachSak. It provides a convenient and secure storage solution for cricket or hockey balls. Here are some details about the BallSak:

  • Capacity: The BallSak can hold up to 24 cricket or hockey balls. It provides ample space to store a significant number of balls, making it convenient for coaches during training sessions.

  • Compatibility: The BallSak is specifically designed to fit easily and snugly inside the KoachSak. The KoachSak is a separate product that the BallSak is intended to be used with.

  • Included and Additional Units: Each KoachSak comes with one BallSak included. However, if a coach requires additional storage capacity, they have the option to purchase additional BallSak units separately. This allows coaches to customize the storage capacity based on their specific requirements.

Overall, the KATCHET BallSak is a practical accessory that provides coaches with a convenient and organized way to store cricket or hockey balls during training sessions.