CEAT Maestro Combo Cricket Thigh Pad

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Introducing the CEAT Maestro Combo Cricket Thigh Pad, a high-performance protective gear designed to safeguard the thighs during intense cricket matches. This thigh pad, brought to you by CEAT, combines premium quality materials with thoughtful design features to ensure maximum comfort and protection. Let's explore the key features of the CEAT Maestro Combo Cricket Thigh Pad:

Material: The CEAT Maestro Combo Cricket Thigh Pad is made from premium quality high-density foam. This foam offers excellent shock absorption, effectively reducing the impact of fast bowlers' deliveries.

Soft Absorbent Fabricated Back: The back of the thigh pad is crafted with a soft absorbent fabric, providing comfort and moisture-wicking properties. This feature helps keep the player dry and focused during extended periods of play.

Combination of Outer and Inner Thigh Guard: The thigh pad offers comprehensive protection by combining outer and inner thigh guards. This combination ensures that both the outer and inner areas of the thigh are shielded from potential injuries.

Premium Quality Elastic Waist and Thigh Strap: The CEAT Maestro Combo Cricket Thigh Pad features premium quality elastic straps for the waist and thighs. These adjustable straps provide a secure and customized fit, allowing for freedom of movement while keeping the thigh pad in place during dynamic cricket action.

Size: The thigh pad is available in the "Mens" size, suitable for both right-handed and left-handed players.

Elevate your protection on the cricket field with the CEAT Maestro Combo Cricket Thigh Pad. With its premium quality high-density foam, soft absorbent fabricated back, combination of outer and inner thigh guards, and premium quality elastic waist and thigh straps, this thigh pad ensures optimal comfort and maximum protection during intense cricket encounters.