SG Club Cricket Batting Pads

€35,85 €39,84

SG Club Cricket Batting Pads are designed to provide adequate protection and comfort during your cricket matches. Here are some of its key features:

  • High-Quality PVC Facing: The batting pads are constructed using durable PVC facing, ensuring reliable performance and longevity on the cricket field.

  • Traditionally Shaped Cotton Filled Knee Rolls: The pads feature traditionally shaped knee rolls that are filled with cotton, providing both comfort and additional protection for the knee area.

  • Low-Density Foam Sheet Reinforcement Vertical Bolster: The incorporation of low-density foam sheet reinforcement in the vertical bolster enhances the overall protection and durability of the pads, making them suitable for various playing conditions.

  • Wear-Resistant Instep with Hard-Wearing Piping: The wear-resistant PVC instep, along with the hard-wearing piping, ensures the pads can withstand regular use on the pitch, providing long-lasting performance.

  • Added Protection: The added protection on the top hat and side wing further enhances the overall durability and resilience of the SG Club Cricket Batting Pads.

Available in sizes suitable for adults, these pads are an essential accessory for cricketers seeking reliable and comfortable protection during their games.