SG HP 33 Cricket Batting Gloves

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SG HP 33 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to offer top-notch protection and comfort during cricket matches. Here are the key features of these gloves:

  • Premium Quality Leather Palm: The gloves feature a palm made from premium quality leather, ensuring durability and providing a soft and comfortable grip for the player.

  • Split Thumb: The split thumb design enhances flexibility, allowing for a better range of motion and dexterity while playing shots.

  • Three-Piece Sidebar on Bottom Hand: The inclusion of a three-piece sidebar on the bottom hand provides extra protection, ensuring that the player's hands remain shielded from potentially harmful deliveries.

  • Non-Toxic Imported Polyurethane (PU): The gloves are equipped with non-toxic imported polyurethane with cotton filled finger rolls, offering both protection and comfort during extended use.

  • Reinforced Plastic Inserts: The first two fingers in the bottom hand come with reinforced plastic inserts, ensuring additional protection from hard-hitting balls.

  • Fiber Protection: All other fingers in both hands are equipped with fiber protection, providing a comprehensive shield for the hands during intense gameplay.

  • Ventilated Finger Construction: The gloves feature a fully ventilated finger construction with a nylon gusset along the sides, ensuring proper airing and reducing sweat buildup during extended use, thus maintaining comfort and hygiene.

The SG HP 33 Cricket Batting Gloves are an excellent choice for cricketers seeking reliable and high-quality hand protection during matches and practice sessions.