DSC Condor Glider Cricket Batting Leg Guard/Pads - Navy

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The DSC Condor Glider Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads are top-of-the-line protective gear designed for cricket players at the club and county level. These leg guards offer exceptional protection and comfort during batting.

Key features of the DSC Condor Glider Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads include:

  1. Traditional Cane Construction: The leg guards are constructed using traditional cane material, which provides maximum shock absorption and protects against impacts from the ball.

  2. Extended Side Wing: The leg guards feature an extended side wing design, offering additional protection to the sides of the legs.

  3. Compact Design with Tri-Section Shin Bolsters: The leg guards have a compact design with tri-section shin bolsters that wrap comfortably around the legs, providing enhanced protection.

  4. Breathable Mesh Bolsters: The leg guards are equipped with breathable mesh bolsters and high-density foam, ensuring improved ventilation and added comfort.

  5. High-Quality PVC Facing: The leg guards have a high-quality PVC facing, which enhances durability and protects against wear and tear.

  6. Mesh Instep and Butterfly Designed Straps: The leg guards feature a mesh instep for better airflow and 2-inch wide butterfly designed straps with paraded buckle protection, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

The DSC Condor Glider Cricket Batting Leg Guard Pads are a reliable choice for cricketers looking for excellent protection and comfort during their batting innings.