DSC Moulded Cricket Batting Gloves Boy's/Mini

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Experience the ultimate in hand protection with DSC Gloves. Our gloves are meticulously designed with FRP-Fiber Reinforced protection, ensuring maximum safety during every contact. Despite their high level of protection, they are remarkably lightweight, allowing you to wield your bat freely and maintain agility behind the wickets.

Featuring a lightweight and breathable mesh construction, our gloves promote optimal airflow, keeping your hands cool and comfortable. The moisture-dispersing properties of the mesh fabric help maintain a dry grip throughout your innings.

Unmatched impact protection is achieved through the incorporation of durable fiber inserts within the finger rolls. These inserts effectively absorb and dissipate shock, shielding your hands from potential injuries.

To enhance your performance, our gloves are designed with ergonomically positioned flex points. These flex points ensure unrestricted ease of movement, allowing you to execute shots with precision and finesse.

Strategic ventilation holes throughout the palm and fingers further enhance grip and moisture management. They effectively wick away sweat, enabling a consistent and reliable grip throughout the game.

With DSC Gloves, you can have both unbeatable protection and superior comfort, empowering you to take charge of your game and play with confidence.


  • High quality and Extra Light weight
  • High Density ‘Moulded’ Form Construction density
  • High quality leather palm for superior grip and feel
  • High quality PU and ultra lightfoam in the finger rolls for impact absorption
  • Airflow gusset for ventilation and 'dual' sided sweatband for moisture absorption and player comfort
  • FRP (Fibre Reinforced Protection) with fibre inserts across all fingers provide immense impact protection
  • Innovative Cricket Batting Gloves specially made for boys and Mini
  • Sweat Absorbing Wrist Grip
  • Real Leather Gloves
  • High Density Foam reinforced Fingers