DSC Cricket Pro Chamois Leather Wicket Keeping Inners

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Our gloves are designed to offer the highest protection during contact. They’re also lightweight and extremely comfortable so you can wield your bat freely at the crease or be quick-handed behind the wickets. Take safety into your own hands with DSC gloves. Made from highly absorbent fine cotton material full chamois leather palm sponge padded palm for better grip and added protection towelled wristband for comfort fit with hook and loop fastener. The cotton padded palm of these gloves keep you comfortable and also offer a better grip over the ball keeping these gloves secured around your hands throughout the match are the elasticated wristbands facilitating a consistent flow of air is the net back of these gloves, which also ensures that sweat doesn't get accumulated within.

  • Padded chamois leather palm
  • Made from premium cotton material
  • Elasticated wristband for comfort fit 
  • Excellent feel throughout the day
  • Faster sweat absorption
  • Comfortable and classy
  • Towel wristband for comfort