GRAY NICOLLS Pro Performance Cricket Spike Shoes

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GN Pro Performance Cricket Spike Shoes, the ultimate choice for professional and club cricketers seeking top-notch performance. These shoes are designed with advanced features to enhance your game and provide unparalleled comfort.

The Pro Performance shoe boasts an adaptive mesh upper, utilizing the latest mesh weaving technology for exceptional breathability and support. Experience maximum airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout intense matches.

Equipped with a built-in sock liner, these shoes offer an extra level of comfort, ensuring long-lasting comfort during extended innings. Stay focused and at ease, allowing you to concentrate on your game.

The Speedbase outsole is a lightweight and stable sole unit, strategically designed with spike configuration to enable excellent take-off and acceleration. Experience explosive movements and swift transitions on the field.

The shoe incorporates two midsole materials, the GPRO80 and GPRO60. The GPRO80 delivers a stable and cushioned platform, providing support during intense play. The GPRO60, a dual-density midsole, features a softer top layer for enhanced comfort.

With the XRX Foam Footbed, you can expect optimal energy transfer and responsiveness. This open-cell, high-impact footbed empowers you to generate powerful and explosive movements, allowing you to unleash your full potential.

Step up your game with the GN Pro Performance Cricket Spike Shoes and experience the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style on the cricket field.


  • Adaptive Mesh Upper for breathability and support
  • Comfort Sock for added comfort
  • Speedbase Outsole for stability and acceleration
  • GPRO80 EVA Midsole for stability and cushioning
  • GPRO60 EVA Midsole with a softer top layer for comfort
  • XRX Foam Footbed for optimal energy transfer