GRAY NICOLLS Velocity 3.0 Rubber Cricket Shoes

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GN Velocity 3.0 Rubber Cricket Shoes, a top choice for cricketers who prefer indoor training and playing on hard surfaces. These shoes offer exceptional performance and comfort for players of all ages.

The Gplus LP outsole with low profile XTRA DURA+ is specifically designed to excel on various surfaces, including indoor courts and net areas. It provides optimal traction and durability, ensuring stability during intense training sessions and matches.

The ultra-light coated textile upper is a key feature of these shoes, offering increased flexibility and lightweight comfort. The laminated protective coating adds durability and enhances the overall performance of the shoes.

Featuring the Powerband technology, these shoes deliver improved stability through a lightweight overlay support band. It enhances your confidence and balance while making quick movements on the field.

The torsional midfoot system in these shoes provides excellent support to the midfoot area while allowing for greater flexibility in the forefoot. This feature is essential for agile footwork and quick changes in direction during the game.

Whether you're practicing indoors or playing on hard wickets, the GN Velocity 3.0 Rubber Cricket Shoes are designed to meet your performance needs. With their lightweight construction, superior traction, and advanced support features, these shoes are a reliable choice for any cricketer.


  • Ultra-Light Coated Textile Upper: Lightweight and flexible textile upper with a protective coating.
  • Powerband: Lightweight overlay support band for enhanced stability.
  • Gplus LP Outsole: Low profile XTRA DURA+ rubber outsole suitable for all surfaces, including nets and indoor courts.
  • Torsional Midfoot System: Provides bridged midfoot support and forefoot flexibility.