SG Hilite Cricket Batting Pads

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SG Hilite Cricket Batting Pads are designed to offer exceptional protection and comfort during cricket matches. Here are the key features of these pads:

  • Premium Quality Material: The pads are crafted from premium quality imported polyurethane facing, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance on the field.

  • High-Density Sponge Filling: The vertical bolster is filled with high-density sponge and includes a TPU insert for enhanced knee protection, providing an extra layer of security during intense gameplay.

  • Extra High Density Foam in Side Wings: The side wings are equipped with extra high-density foam filling, offering additional protection to the legs during play.

  • Mesh Instep: The pads feature a mesh instep with hard-wearing piping, allowing for better ventilation and breathability, thus preventing excessive sweating and discomfort.

  • Additional Butterfly Straps: The inclusion of extra butterfly straps ensures that the pads fit perfectly, allowing players to focus on their game without any distractions.

  • Padded Straps: The pads come with padded straps that contribute to the overall comfort and secure fit, providing players with the confidence to perform at their best.

  • Added Protection on Top Hat: The top hat is reinforced with added protection, ensuring comprehensive coverage and shielding the player's legs from potential impacts.

The SG Hilite Cricket Batting Pads are available in sizes suitable for adults and are an excellent choice for cricketers seeking reliable and high-quality leg protection during matches and practice sessions.