Katchet KatchMax

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The KatchMax is an accessory that is used in conjunction with the Katchet Catching Practice Device to enhance training options and provide additional skill-building experiences for cricketers. Here are some key features of the KatchMax:

  • Compatibility: The KatchMax is specifically designed to fit on top of the Katchet. It securely meshes with the grooves of the Katchet, creating a slim and integrated product.
  • Varied Deflection: The KatchMax offers varying levels of deflection, ranging from subtle to extreme. This allows cricketers to practice their foot movement and work on their skills in different scenarios, including diving catches and saves.
  • Footwork Practice: The KatchMax is particularly useful for improving footwork. With its varied deflection capabilities, it challenges players to move quickly and make agile movements while fielding, replicating match situations.
  • Ground Fielding Practice: The design of the KatchMax allows it to be placed flat on the ground, enabling specific training for ground fielding and inner circle practice. It provides coaches with the flexibility to incorporate a range of fielding drills and exercises.

The KatchMax aims to provide cricketers and coaches with additional options and experiences to make training more engaging and match-specific. By using the KatchMax in combination with the Katchet Catching Practice Device, players can work on their footwork, diving catches, and ground fielding skills, ultimately improving their overall performance on the field.