Katchet KoachSak Duffle Bag For Coaches

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The KoachSak Duffle Bag is specifically designed for cricket and hockey coaches, providing a compact and easily carried solution for their training sessions. Here are the key features of the KoachSak Duffle Bag:

  • Large Compartment with Velcro Divider: The bag features one spacious compartment with a moveable velcro divider. This provides flexibility in organizing and sizing different areas of the bag according to your specific equipment needs. The padded and reinforced divider not only protects your equipment but also helps maintain the bag's structural integrity.
  • Rucksack Handles: The duffle bag includes rucksack handles, allowing you to carry it comfortably on your back. This is particularly important as the duffle bag does not have wheels like other models in the KoachSak range.
  • Reinforced Base: The exterior base of the duffle bag has a wear-resistant and waterproof cover, providing protection for this high-wear area and helping the bag remain upright. Additionally, a base plate that attaches with Velcro is included to safeguard the bag from sharp objects.
  • Padded Walls: Made from high-quality nylon, the duffle bag is foam padded to ensure that your equipment is protected from impacts and bumps.
  • Velcro Interior: The bag features a Velcro lining, allowing you to customize the configuration of the velcro divider and add bat/stump/Sidearm tubes as needed (sold separately).
  • Large Front Pocket with Finger Zip Loops: A convenient front pocket is available for storing smaller items. The finger loops on the zipper provide ease of opening and closing.
  • Clam Opening: The bag is designed to open like a clam, providing easy visibility and access to the contents of your duffle. This eliminates the frustration of blindly reaching in to find items at the bottom.

The KoachSak Duffle Bag combines practicality, durability, and organizational features to meet the specific needs of cricket and hockey coaches. Its compact size and thoughtful design make it an ideal companion for training sessions without the need for excessive equipment.