Kookaburra Cricket Full Batting Inner Gloves



The Kookaburra Full Batting Inner Gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort and protection for your hands while batting.

Cotton Palm: The inner gloves feature a cotton palm, which offers a soft and comfortable feel against the bat handle. The cotton material helps absorb moisture and provides a good grip, enhancing your control over the bat.

Elastic Cotton Wrist: The gloves have an elastic cotton wrist that provides a secure and adjustable fit. The elasticated design ensures a snug fit and helps keep the gloves in place during batting, reducing slippage.

Full Finger Design: These gloves have a full finger design, providing coverage and protection to all fingers. The full finger design offers enhanced protection against impacts, ball contact, and potential finger injuries while maintaining dexterity and flexibility.

Cotton Mesh Combination Backing: The gloves have a combination of cotton and mesh backing. The cotton mesh combination provides a balance between breathability and durability. The cotton material offers softness and moisture absorption, while the mesh panels allow for improved airflow to keep your hands cool.

The Kookaburra Full Batting Inner Gloves are an ideal choice for cricketers seeking comprehensive hand protection during batting. The combination of a cotton palm, elastic cotton wrist, full finger design, and cotton mesh combination backing ensures comfort, flexibility, breathability, and reliable grip while at the crease.