Kookaburra LC 3.0 Wicket Keeping Gloves ( COLOUR MAY VARY )

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Kookaburra LC 3.0 Wicket Keeping Gloves are designed with a long cut style and offer Grade 3 quality. These gloves provide excellent performance and protection for wicket keepers.

Key Features:

  • Palm: The palm is made of premium PU material with a gusset, offering a durable and comfortable grip. The palm lining is also made of premium PU, enhancing durability and feel.
  • Palm Padding: These gloves feature a unique Kookaburra catching cup made of cotton, providing extra padding and support for catching the ball.
  • Rubber: The gloves are equipped with the Kookaburra 'Octopus' Grade 1 rubber, which offers excellent grip and control.
  • Finger Backs: The finger backs are made of super soft premium PU material, providing flexibility, comfort, and protection.
  • Back: The back of the gloves is constructed with super soft premium PU material and features a K Flex Support patch. This combination ensures flexibility and support during wicket keeping.
  • Back Lining: The back lining is made of premium super soft brushed cotton, enhancing comfort and moisture absorption.
  • Cuff: The gloves have a long cuff design with a premium super soft brushed cotton lining, providing additional wrist protection and comfort.
  • Web Strap: The gloves feature a web strap with reinforcement, compliant with Law 40.2, ensuring a secure and adjustable fit.
  • Thumb: The thumb of these gloves has a unique setting that enhances the catching cup, improving grip and control during wicket keeping.

The Kookaburra LC 3.0 Wicket Keeping Gloves offer Grade 3 quality and provide wicket keepers with excellent performance, protection, and comfort. With their premium PU construction, unique features such as the catching cup and thumb setting, and reinforced web strap, these gloves are designed to enhance the wicket keeping experience and help wicket keepers perform at their best on the field.