Li-Ning No. 1 Boost Badminton String 0.66MM

€7,80 €9,75


Elevate your badminton game with Li-Ning's No.1 Boost Badminton String, a professional-grade string engineered for extreme repulsion power and superior performance. Here's what makes it a standout choice:

  • Triple-Component Design: The string consists of a core, an outer layer, and a specialized coating, each contributing to its unique characteristics.
  • High-Intensity Core: Thousands of strands intricately wound together to create a heat-resistant and high-intensity string, ensuring durability and power.
  • Nano-Technology Braiding: Utilizes nano-technology in the braiding process, enhancing the strings for maximum power and durability.
  • Even Tension Distribution: The outer layer, crafted from heat-resistant and high-intensity nylon, ensures that tension is evenly distributed across the racket, promoting consistent performance.
  • Synthetic Resin Coating: The string is coated with a synthetic resin that not only provides a protective casing but also ensures elasticity, contributing to better overall performance.
  • Extreme Repulsion Power: Offers unparalleled repulsion power, allowing you to add that extra mile to your shots and surprise your opponents.
  • Perfect Hitting Sound: Delivers the ideal hitting sound that every player desires, adding a sensory element to your game.
  • Professional-Grade: Designed for professional-level players who demand the best from their equipment.
  • Control and Durability: Scores high in control and durability, providing a well-rounded experience on the court.
  • Shock Absorption: Offers commendable shock absorption, minimizing the impact on your arm and enhancing playing comfort.

Choose Li-Ning's No.1 Boost Badminton String for a string that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of professional players, delivering power, control, and that perfect hitting sound.

Note: The color of the String may vary according to the availability.