MRF Genius Chase Master English Willow Cricket Bat

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The MRF Genius Chase Master English Willow Cricket Bat is a carefully selected and expertly handcrafted masterpiece. Made from Players Grade English willow, which represents the top 5% of reserve clefts, this bat offers unparalleled quality and performance. It features a full profile with a traditional style spine, providing maximum power and enhancing pick-up for an exceptional batting experience. With massive edges and a low-middle sweet spot, it allows for all-round stroke play. The Subcontinent Style bow, semi-oval handle, lightweight pick-up, and squared toe complete the bat's design, making it a true masterpiece for the modern cricketer.


  • Carefully selected and expertly handcrafted from Players Grade English willow
  • Optimum balance with exceptional stroke for explosive power
  • Full profile with traditional style spine for all-over blade performance
  • Massive edges measuring 38-40 mm for increased power
  • Low-middle sweet spot for all-round stroke play
  • Subcontinent Style bow enhances performance
  • Semi-oval handle made from multi-piece imported cane for power, control, and flexibility
  • Lightweight pick-up and ultimate balance
  • Squared toe for a sleek and stylish look