MRF Genius Grand Edition 3.0 EW Cricket Bat

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The MRF Genius Grand Edition 3.0 EW Cricket Bat is a top-quality bat that offers exceptional performance on the cricket field. Designed as a prototype of the bat used by MRF brand ambassador, Virat Kohli, this bat is made from carefully selected Grade 3 English Willow.


  • Prototype of the MRF brand ambassador's bat
  • Carefully selected Grade 3 English Willow for optimal performance
  • Minimal concaving creates a wide sweet spot and maximal power
  • Mid middle position ideal for all-round stroke play
  • Round handle made from premium Sarawak cane for superior power and control
  • Thick edges (38mm+) and thick toe (20mm+) for added mass and durability
  • Thick shoulders for increased stability and strength
  • Duckbill toe design ensures a light pickup with optimum balance
  • Natural finish with toe guard for added protection
  • Exaggerated bow for a unique look
  • Embossed stickers with MRF heat stamping on edges for a stylish appearance
  • MRF branded red players grip for a comfortable and secure hold


  • Willow: Grade 3 English Willow
  • Profile: Full, little concaving
  • Sweet Spot: Mid-to-low
  • Pickup: Balanced
  • Handle: Round
  • Grip: MRF Players
  • Face: Flat
  • Toe: Natural

Available in short handle sizes Harrow, 6, and 5, the MRF Genius Grand Edition 3.0 EW Cricket Bat is suitable for players of different age groups. Experience the performance and quality of this bat and unleash your batting potential on the field.