MRF Chamois Men's Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves

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The MRF Chamois Men's Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves are designed to enhance your wicketkeeping performance. These gloves are made from high-quality cotton material, ensuring comfort and breathability during long hours on the field. With their superior grip and protection, they are an essential accessory for any wicketkeeper.


  • Chamois leather palm: The chamois leather palm provides a soft and reliable grip, allowing for excellent ball control and catching ability.
  • Sponge padded palm: The sponge padding in the palm area offers extra protection against fast-paced deliveries, reducing the impact on your hands.
  • Size: These gloves are available in size M, providing a comfortable fit for adult players.
  • Sport-specific design: The gloves are specifically designed for wicketkeeping, offering the necessary flexibility and dexterity required for this specialized position.
  • Packing: The gloves come in a pack of one pair, ensuring you have a spare for extended matches or practice sessions.

Equip yourself with the MRF Chamois Men's Wicket Keeping Inner Gloves and elevate your wicketkeeping skills to new heights. Stay comfortable, protected, and confident behind the stumps with these reliable gloves.