SF Nexzen Cricket Batting Gloves

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SF Nexzen Cricket Batting Gloves offer a combination of modern style and superior protection, making them an excellent choice for serious cricketers. Here are the key features of these gloves:

  • Premium Leather: The palm of the gloves is crafted from premium quality leather, ensuring a strong grip and excellent durability during extended play.

  • Modern Design: Featuring 3D embossed printing and a sleek, modern style, these gloves offer a contemporary look while providing top-notch performance on the field.

  • Protection: Equipped with test match-level protection, the gloves are made with premium calf leather and include rounded high-density foam finger rolls and a split thumb for added safety during intense gameplay.

  • Comfort and Ventilation: Nylon gussets provide ventilation, while the sponge-padded polyurethane back enhances comfort and ensures a better fit for the wearer.

  • Enhanced Support: The gloves also come with a three-piece side bar on the lead hand, providing additional support and protection during play.

The SF Nexzen Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to meet the demands of modern cricket, offering advanced protection, comfort, and style for the discerning cricketer.