PAYNTR Bodyline 124 Batting/Keeping Spike (Adults) - White

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Experience the ultimate lightweight agility and responsiveness with the PAYNTR Bodyline 124 Batting/Keeping Spike. This shoe is engineered to support your performance, offering protection, comfort, and traction, allowing you to excel in both batting and keeping roles on the cricket field.

Key Features:

  • Ultimate Lightweight and Responsive: This shoe sets the bar for lightweight and responsive footwear, enhancing your agility and overall performance on the field.

  • Enhanced Performance Design: Crafted to boost performance, the shoe features a mesh knitted upper with Micro Fibre PU overlays at pressure points, offering both support and protection.

  • Low Cut Topline Collar: The low cut Topline collar is tailored for maximum speed and agility, ensuring you're always at the top of your game.

  • Firm TPU Heel Cup: The Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) heel cup is strategically designed to secure your foot, delivering an additional layer of support during movements.

  • Cushioned Midsole: An Ultra Lightweight EVA foam midsole provides superior cushioning, promoting comfort and minimizing impact during intense gameplay.

  • Advanced Traction: The TPU outsole boasts a 7/2 spike formation, featuring 5mm lugs that offer increased grip and traction, allowing you to maintain control even during rapid changes in direction.

  • Reinforced Toe Box: The reinforced toe box, accompanied by a rubber bumper, ensures protection against impact and abrasion.

  • Comfort-Focused Details: Inside the toe box, you'll find 3mm padded foam for added comfort, while the ultra-lightweight insole with gel heel contributes to a comfortable experience without adding excess weight.

  • Enhanced Padding: To maximize comfort, the shoe is equipped with increased padding around the tongue and neckline, reducing friction and pressure points.