SF Power Bow Wicket Keeping Pads

€36,59 €40,65

SF Power Bow Wicket Keeping Pads are designed to provide superior fit and protection for wicket keepers. Here are some key features of these exceptional wicket-keeping pads:

  • Ultra Lightweight: The pads are constructed to be lightweight, allowing for ease of movement and agility during intense gameplay.

  • Superior Fit and Protection: The unique design of the pads ensure an optimal fit while providing excellent protection for the wicketkeeper's legs.

  • High-Density Foam: Premium quality high-density foam is used in the construction of these pads, offering enhanced shock absorption and protection against impact.

  • Comfortable Calf Strap: The 2" calf strap is designed to provide increased comfort, allowing the wicketkeeper to focus on the game without any discomfort.

The SF Power Bow Wicket Keeping Pads are an excellent choice for wicket-keepers who prioritize both comfort and protection during their performances on the field.