Precision Fusion Indoor Football

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Precision Fusion Indoor Football is designed for indoor use and is constructed with specific materials and features to ensure optimal performance on indoor surfaces. Here are its key characteristics:

  • Machine Stitched Construction: The football is machine-stitched, which ensures consistent and durable seams, contributing to its overall durability and longevity.

  • Acrylic Woven Felt Outer: The outer layer of the football is made from acrylic woven felt. This material is chosen for its durability and ability to maintain shape and performance even with regular use on indoor surfaces.

  • Polyester Lining: Inside the football, there is a polyester lining. This lining adds an extra layer of reinforcement and helps the football maintain its shape.

  • Nylon Wound Butyl Bladder: The bladder inside the football is made from nylon-wound butyl. This type of bladder retains air well, ensuring that the football maintains its optimal inflation for consistent performance.

  • Official Size and Weight: The Precision Fusion Indoor Football is designed to meet the official size and weight standards, making it suitable for practice, training, and competitive play.

  • Color: The football is predominantly yellow and black in color, which enhances visibility on indoor surfaces.

In summary, the Precision Fusion Indoor Football is a reliable choice for indoor football activities. Its construction and materials are selected to provide durability, shape retention, and consistent performance, meeting the standards required for official play.