Precision Multi Colour Round Marker Discs (Set of 10)

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Precision Multi-Color Round Marker Discs are versatile tools used in various sports and fitness activities for training and drills. Here are the key features of this set:

  • Non-Slip Flexible Vinyl: These marker discs are made of flexible vinyl material. This flexibility makes them durable and resistant to damage, even if they are stepped on or used in various weather conditions.

  • Textured Backing: The discs have a special textured backing that helps keep them in place once they are set on the ground. This prevents them from moving around during training sessions or drills.

  • Set of 10: The set includes a total of 10 marker discs, making it suitable for setting up different training configurations. The colors are distributed as follows: 2 yellow, 2 orange, 2 white, 2 red, and 2 blue. This variety allows for creating different training patterns or marking specific areas on the field or court.

  • Carry Bag: The set comes with a convenient carry bag. This bag makes it easy to transport and store the marker discs when not in use. It helps keep the set organized and prevents discs from getting lost.

In summary, the Precision Multi-Color Round Marker Discs are versatile training tools that can be used in a variety of sports and fitness activities. Their non-slip design and textured backing make them reliable for setting up training drills and marking specific areas, and the set's assortment of colors provides flexibility in training configurations.