Precision Multi Height Hurdles (Set of 3)

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Precision Multi-Height Hurdles (Set of 3) are versatile training tools designed to enhance agility and coordination in various sports and fitness activities. Here are the key features of this set:

  • Adjustable Heights: These hurdles can be easily adjusted to three different heights: 15cm, 20cm, and 25cm. This versatility allows athletes to progressively increase the intensity of their training by starting with lower heights and gradually moving up as they improve their skills.

  • Width: Each hurdle has a width of 40cm, providing a suitable gap for athletes to jump over. This width is standard for hurdle training and helps athletes practice their jumping and agility techniques.

  • Sturdy Plastic Construction: The hurdles are constructed from sturdy plastic material, ensuring durability and stability during training sessions. They are designed to withstand the impact of athletes jumping over them.

  • Set of 3: The set includes three hurdles, providing ample options for setting up training configurations. Athletes can place them in a row for consecutive jumps or spread them out to work on lateral movements.

  • Carry Strap: For convenience, the set comes with a carry strap. This strap allows for easy transport and storage of the hurdles when not in use. It helps keep the hurdles organized and prevents them from getting damaged.

In summary, the Precision Multi-Height Hurdles (Set of 3) are valuable tools for agility and coordination training in sports and fitness. Their adjustable heights, sturdy construction, and included carry strap make them versatile and easy to incorporate into training routines. Athletes can use these hurdles to enhance their jumping and agility skills effectively.