Ram Cricket Softee Ball

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Ram Cricket Softee Ball is a coaching ball designed for cricket practice, particularly for junior players. Here are its specifications:

  • Mid-Pressure Soft Bounce: This ball is designed to have a mid-pressure and a soft bounce. It's suitable for coaching purposes, allowing players to practice their skills without the high intensity of a regular cricket ball.

  • Embossed Seam: The ball features an embossed seam. This seam might not be as pronounced or rigid as the seam on a regular cricket ball, making it safer for coaching and practice sessions.

  • Soft Plastic Construction: The ball is constructed from soft plastic materials. This softness adds to its safety and is particularly well-suited for use by junior cricketers who are learning the game.

  • Sizes: The Ram Cricket Softee Ball is available in two sizes, Senior and Junior. The choice of size depends on the age and skill level of the players.

  • Color: The balls are in Fluoro Yellow color. This color is easy to spot and can help players focus on their shots and fielding skills.

  • As Found in Crazy Cricket Sets: The ball is commonly used in Crazy Cricket Sets, which are designed for casual and fun cricket games, making it suitable for recreational play as well.

Overall, the Ram Cricket Softee Ball is designed to provide a safe and effective way for cricketers, especially juniors, to practice and develop their skills. Its soft construction and mid-pressure bounce make it an excellent choice for coaching and training purposes.