Rawling Players Preferred Catchers Mitt For Catching Practice

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Rawlings Players Preferred Catcher's Mitt PCM30 is a high-quality mitt designed for catching practice and use in baseball or softball. Here are the key details about this mitt:

Product Details:

  • Model: PCM30
  • Hand Orientation: This mitt is available for right-handed throwers only. It means it goes on the left hand (non-throwing hand) for a right-handed player.

Key Features:

  • Size: The PCM30 is a 33-inch catcher's mitt. Catcher's mitts are typically larger than other fielder's gloves to provide a better target for pitchers and to help catchers handle high-velocity pitches.

  • Web Style: It features a 1-piece solid web. The web style can affect how the ball is caught and how quickly it can be transferred from the glove to the throwing hand.

  • Back Style: The mitt has a conventional back design, which is a common choice for catcher's mitts.

  • Material: This mitt is made of quality, full-grain oiled leather. Full-grain leather is known for its durability and ability to break in relatively quickly. The oiled leather shell helps with the break-in process, making it easier to form the pocket and close the mitt around the ball.

  • Laces: It features all-leather laces, known for their durability and strength. Laces are crucial for maintaining the shape and structure of the mitt.

  • Color: The mitt comes in a classy dark brown leather color.

  • Break-In: It's worth noting that this mitt is advertised as being 80% factory knocked in, which means it is already partially broken in when you receive it. However, catcher's mitts often require additional breaking in to fully form the pocket to the player's preference.

The Rawlings Players Preferred series is known for providing quality gloves for players at various levels, including coaches. It offers a balance of quality, durability, and affordability, making it suitable for catching practice and gameplay.

Please ensure you select the appropriate hand orientation (right-handed thrower) when purchasing this mitt.