Rawlings RSB Series Mitts For Catching Practice

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The Rawlings RSB Series Mitts are an excellent choice for catching practice and warm-ups, offering exceptional durability and comfort. Here are the key features of this series:

Series Features:

  • All-Leather Palm Construction: The mitts are constructed with an all-leather palm to ensure durability and shape retention, making them long-lasting and reliable for training sessions.

  • Basket Web® Design: The Basket Web® design creates a deep, flexible pocket, providing enhanced catch control and ensuring a secure grip on the ball.

  • Cushioned Palm and Finger Back Linings: The mitts are equipped with cushioned palm and finger back linings, offering additional comfort and protection during use.

  • Velcro® Straps and Impact Protection: The Velcro® straps allow for a custom fit, while the palm pads and index finger pads provide added impact protection, making these mitts suitable for both coaches and players during warm-ups and practice sessions.

Product Features:

  • 13˝ Slow Pitch Mitt: This size is designed for slow-pitch play, ensuring optimal performance during training and warm-ups.

  • Basket-Web® Design: The Basket-Web® design offers flexibility and control, making it easier to catch and hold the ball securely.

  • Neo-Flex™ Conventional Back with Velcro® Strap: The Neo-Flex™ conventional back comes with a Velcro® strap, allowing for a custom fit that enhances comfort and usability.

Whether you're coaching or training, the Rawlings RSB Series Mitts are designed to meet your catching practice needs, providing excellent performance and comfort for both left-handed and right-handed players.