Katchet Sidearm club Ball Throwing Club



The Katchet Sidearm Ball Throwing Club is a specialized equipment designed for cricket practice and training. It is an upgraded version of the popular Sidearm, featuring improvements in performance and ease of use.

The Sidearm Ball Throwing Club is specifically designed to propel the ball at high speeds, reaching up to 65mph. This makes it an ideal tool for practicing and training against challenging pace and variation of deliveries.

With the manufacturing of the Sidearm moved to the UK and the use of a new material, the enhanced performance of the club ensures better durability and reliability during training sessions.

Compared to the Elite version, the Sidearm Ball Throwing Club offers a balance between ease of use and the ability to deliver challenging deliveries. It is suitable for club-level players who want to improve their batting skills and face faster and more varied bowling.

Overall, the Sidearm Ball Throwing Club is a valuable tool for cricket clubs and players looking to enhance their training sessions and simulate game-like scenarios.