SG Supalite® Cricket Batting Chest Guard

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SG Supalite® Cricket Batting Chest Guard is designed to provide excellent protection and comfort during cricket matches. Here are the key features of this chest guard:

  • Lightweight Construction: Constructed from lightweight low-density foam, the chest guard ensures enhanced comfort and flexibility, allowing players to move freely during their gameplay.
  • Pre-shaped Design: The chest guard is pre-shaped with tapered edges, providing a perfect molded fit for the wearer. This design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing players to focus on their performance without any hindrance.
  • Soft Absorbent Towel Back: The soft and absorbent towel back of the chest guard offers additional comfort and sweat-wicking properties, keeping the player dry and comfortable during long matches.
  • Optimal Protection: Shaped to provide maximum protection to the chest and kidney region, the guard offers excellent coverage against potential impact from cricket balls, ensuring the safety of the player during intense gameplay.
  • Elastic Straps: Equipped with elastic straps on the top and bottom, the chest guard allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a secure and personalized fit for players of different sizes.
  • Available Sizes: The SG Supalite® Cricket Batting Chest Guard is available in sizes for  Youth, and Junior players, catering to a wide range of age groups and sizes.

The SG Supalite® Cricket Batting Chest Guard is an essential piece of protective gear for cricketers, providing them with the necessary comfort and safety needed to excel in their sport.