SG Super Cover™ Junior English Willow Cricket Bat

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SG Super Cover™ Junior English Willow Cricket Bat is designed to provide excellent performance for junior players, offering the perfect combination of quality and craftsmanship. Here are the key features of this cricket bat:

  • Finest English Willow: The bat is meticulously crafted from the finest English willow, ensuring exceptional performance and powerful strokes during matches.

  • Handle Design: The bat features a Singapore cane handle with a special 3-way insertion of cork between splits, enhancing flexibility and shock absorption. This design promotes better control and comfort during gameplay.

  • Traditional Round Cane Handle: The traditional round cane handle provides superior grip and overall bat control, allowing players to execute their shots with precision and confidence.

  • Flat Toe: The bat is equipped with a flat toe, contributing to the overall balance and stability of the bat, thereby enhancing the player's performance.

  • Optimal Weight and Size: Weighing between 1160-1200 grams (2.9-2.12 lbs) and with a full-size length of 33.7 inches (85.7 cm), this bat is designed for players aged 15 and above, with a height of 5'6" and above.

  • Suitable for Leather Balls: Tested for usage against leather balls, the bat is well-suited for competitive matches and provides the necessary power and precision for impactful shots.

  • Included Cover: The bat comes with a sleek, full-length bat cover, ensuring protection and longevity when the bat is not in use.

Available in sizes 4 and 5, the SG Super Cover™ Junior English Willow Cricket Bat is an excellent choice for young cricketers looking to elevate their game with a high-quality and reliable bat.