SF Trendy Wicket Keeping Gloves - Youth

€35,85 €39,84

SF Trendy Wicket Keeping Gloves for youth are designed with a focus on both comfort and performance. Here are some of the key features of these gloves:

  • Leather Gloves: Crafted with high-quality leather, these wicket-keeping gloves provide durability and a secure grip, allowing for better control during play.

  • Drill Lining Cuff: The gloves come with a drill lining cuff that enhances comfort and provides a snug fit, ensuring that the gloves stay securely in place during matches or practice sessions.

  • Rubber Palm: The inclusion of a rubber palm offers added grip and protection, enabling better handling and control while catching the ball. This feature helps in securing catches with confidence.

  • PU Leather: The gloves are also equipped with PU leather, which contributes to their overall durability and ensures that they can withstand the rigors of regular use on the field.

The SF Trendy Wicket Keeping Gloves for Youth combine quality materials and thoughtful design, providing young cricketers with the necessary tools to enhance their performance and protection behind the stumps.