CEAT First Class Tennis Ball Cricket Bat

€40,24 €44,72


Experience exceptional performance and power with the CEAT First Class Tennis Ball Bat. Specifically designed for tennis ball cricket, this bat is a perfect choice for men seeking an edge in their game.

Crafted from premium wood, the CEAT First Class Tennis Ball Bat combines durability and superior performance. Its neutral color and classic design make it suitable for players of all skill levels and ages.

The bat features a wooden handle, offering a comfortable and secure grip for enhanced control during shots. With an item weight of 1200 grams, it strikes the right balance between power and maneuverability, allowing you to play with confidence.

Built for beginners and young players, this bat is designed to improve your skills and help you excel on the cricket field. It comes as a single item in the package, providing everything you need to start playing.

Step up your tennis ball cricket game with the CEAT First Class Tennis Ball Bat. With its quality construction, reliable performance, and beginner-friendly design, this bat is your key to success on the field.