Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball 5.5 Oz & 5.0 Oz - Red||White||Pink

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Introducing the versatile Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball in vibrant red, white, and pink. This ball is designed to meet the high standards of club and schools cricket, making it perfect for games lasting 20 overs or more. Available in men's size only, it offers exceptional performance on the field.

Like the renowned red Dukes Club ball, these balls are meticulously hand sewn to ensure superior craftsmanship. The Cortex core provides excellent shape retention, ensuring consistent bounce and flight throughout the game. With the Perma anti-scuff finish, you can trust that the ball will maintain its durability even after rigorous use.

Recognized as one of the finest white, red, and pink cricket balls on the market, this Dukes Club Match ball is specifically tailored for Twenty/20 cricket. It is available in various sizes, including men's (5.5oz), women's (5.0oz), and youth (4.75oz), catering to players of different age groups.

Crafted with precision, these balls boast a high-quality 4-piece leather construction. This construction ensures optimal performance, durability, and consistent play, making it an ideal choice for competitive matches.

Choose the Dukes Club Match Cricket Ball for its exceptional quality, reliable performance, and lasting durability. Elevate your cricket game with this top-notch cricket ball that meets the demands of professional and recreational play alike.