GRAY NICOLLS Classic Bats Ultimate Snr

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A legendary bat returns to the Gray-Nicolls collection with Ultimate. Made famous by the likes of Nasser Hussain and Michael Slater, the bat is a firm favourite from the 1990’s.

With unique purple stickers, which have been respectfully brought up to date for the modern era, the Ultimate Cricket Bat is ready for modern day cricketers.

Featuring a retro shape, with rounded face and more traditional profiling, the Ultimate features a noticeable bow, and mid-blade sweet spot. 

This cricket bat is suitable for all players, but those who rely on touch will particularly enjoy the Ultimate.

Available in short handle only and finished with an Extratec sheet, the Ultimate comes in weights between 2lb7oz to 2lb12oz.


  • Traditional profile
  • Mid sweetspot
  • Extratec finish
  • 2lb7oz – 2lb12oz
  • English Willow
  • SH only