SG League Cricket Batting Pads

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SG League Cricket Batting Pads are designed to provide reliable protection and comfort during intense cricket sessions. Here are the notable features of these batting pads:

  • High-Quality Construction: These pads are crafted from high-quality PVC facing material, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance on the field.
  • Traditional Design: The pads feature traditionally shaped cotton-filled knee rolls, providing a classic look and feel while offering essential protection to the knees.
  • Reinforcement and Padding: With low-density foam sheet reinforcement in the vertical bolster, these pads offer added protection and stability during use.
  • Resilient Build: The wear-resistant PVC instep, along with hard-wearing piping, ensures that the pads remain intact and provide consistent protection against potential impacts.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The added protection on the top hat and side wing further enhances the overall safety and security provided by these cricket batting pads.
  • Size Availability: These pads are available in the size option of Men's, ensuring that players can find the right fit for their needs and preferences.

The SG League Cricket Batting Pads are a reliable choice for cricketers looking for durable and well-protected gear to support their performance on the pitch.