PUMA Future 20.1 Cricket Batting Gloves

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PUMA Future 20.1 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to provide comfort and protection to cricket players. Here are the key details and features of these gloves:

  • Secure Fit: The gloves feature a hook-and-loop closure system, which ensures a secure fit. This helps in keeping the gloves in place during your innings, providing you with confidence and control.

  • Branding: The gloves are adorned with the Cat Logo and PUMA Future branding at the top and side. Additionally, you'll find the PUMA Wordmark at the wrist. This branding adds a touch of style to the gloves.

  • Comfort: These gloves are designed to offer comfort to the wearer. Comfort is crucial for a cricket player, especially during long innings or while fielding. The design and materials used aim to minimize discomfort.

  • Protection: Protection is paramount in cricket, and these gloves are built to provide it. They are designed to shield your hands from the impact of fast deliveries or while fielding close to the batsman.

  • Material: The gloves are made from polyurethane, which is a durable and robust material. It can withstand the rigors of cricket and is easy to maintain.

  • Maintenance: These gloves are machine-washable, making them easy to clean and maintain.

In summary, the PUMA Future 20.1 Cricket Batting Gloves combine style, comfort, and protection. They are equipped with a secure closure system, feature PUMA branding, and are made from durable polyurethane. Whether you're facing fast bowlers or playing defensively, these gloves are designed to enhance your performance and protect your hands.